Sunday, November 6, 2011


I teach third grade "English" (a reading comprehension class taught with a basal reader) to a class of 5 below level readers. I LOVE THIS CLASS! They have (unfortunately) been pushed through BIS and it really isn't their fault that they are not advancing in English as fast as others.

A few weeks back I was reading aloud. While I read they have to highlight words that they don't understand or know. After I finished the short story we go back through page by page and talk about the vocabulary words they highlighted. I pick 10 of these words and they become the spelling/vocabulary words.

It was a very routine lesson until Edison raised his hand with the word mustache. For whatever reason I could not contain myself. I was SO excited to teach them about the 'ol soup-strainer.

I began by drawing little mustaches on the white board.... Then I drew one on my finger and put it up to my lip. Hilarious! Edison quickly chimed in and wanted a "mustache service". Meaning he wanted me to draw a mustache on his finger too. As the class lined up and picked their mustache, we all had a good laugh. I drew a mustache of their choice on the outside of their finger and wrote the word on the inside.





 As you can see I am one student short....Howard refused to get a finger mustache....every party needs a pooper, I suppose. :)

Here we all in all of our glory.....quite the group.

Interactive learning at it's best. :)

Brian loved his mustache so much he practically glued his finger to his face. I took this picture while we were reading the story aloud after the "mustache service".

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