Sunday, April 28, 2013

"13.2 miles is soooooo far"

Joe and I ran a  1/2 marathon last weekend. During the week before at school I was a bit nervous. Then with perfect timing it just so happened that "nervous" was a vocabulary word in one of my 2nd grade classes.

I described nervous as a feeling when you're a little bit scared, a little bit excited and sometimes have a funny feeling in your tummy.

I used the example that I was a little nervous about the 1/2 marathon. I am a little bit excited about running, I am a little bit scared of how far and for how long I have to run. I am also a little nervous about making my goal time of under 2 hours. 

They seemed to understand and the class continued without a hitch. Class finished and they were off to their next class.

Well, it just so happened that this 2nd grade class had Joe's class next. They had to take a test and when they were finished they got to have some free time. They usually play Uno or solve crossword puzzles. But this time they asked if they could make me good luck letters and cards because I was so nervous about my run. (how freaking cute is that!) Well at the end of the day I was bombarded with good lucks and cute cards.

Check these cards out:

 "To: Ms. Stephanie, Hi, I am Dana. I am writing you a letter because of your race. I wish you could win. I did color purple on the "Good Luck" because you like purple. Do you like it? And again, I wish you could win. Love, Dana"

 I LOVE this drawing of Joe and I. It's hard to see but Joe is wearing a U of O hat. The one he has that is green with a yellow "o". And yes, Joe does have a sward oh his hip. How else does he defend his princess?
A mini book by Angela; "Hello! Ms. Stephanie! I'm Angela. I listen that you will go to race. I hope you that win the race!!"
 "Ms. Stephanie. I will cheer you in Friday!!! So don't worry about that!! You can run 13.1 miles! You can do it!"
 page 2: running REALLY fast! page 3: being crowned first place winner!

 "Ms. Stephanie Gook luck in your race! 13.2 miles is sooooooo far! (arrow pointing down) 2 hour"

 "To Ms. Stephanie Good Luck in your race (13.1 miles is sooooo far)"
(My personal favorite is that in the picture, I cross the finish line before Joe )

From June: "Ms. Stephanie Good luck for your race! I can't think running 13.1 miles it is so~ far....
 I hope you win but I think there is faster people than you. 
(I love kid honesty)

I hope you win!" 
(It's hard to tell but on my shirt there is a 1st crossed out, then a 2nd crossed out, but the 3rd place is clearly written)

I love all of the cards and notes! These kids are so creative and thoughtful. I was still nervous on race day but these good luck cards/notes did help.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Babies and Belly Buttons

The little people Joe and I get to work with are hilarious. They do and say really funny things. They are smart and quick witted. They really do keep us on our toes. Lots of funny things have been happening lately and I don't want to forget them. Enjoy.

Just a few tid-bits from lately:

On where babies come from....kinda.

I have started a count down in my classroom, 90 days until Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Joe go home to the United States. I change the number at the end of every day after the kids have gone home. One class of second graders came in and were discussing how sad they will be when we leave.

Dana asks; "Ms. Stephanie, why do you want to go to the United States?"
Me: "Well, I want to have a baby. I want to grow a baby in my tummy in the United States"
Dana: "Oh so you don't love Mr. Joe in Korea?"
Me: "What?!? No, I love Mr. Joe in Korea, what do you mean?"
Dana: "My mom said that when a mommy and daddy love each other VERY VERY much,then a baby will come. So you must not love Mr. Joe in Korea."
Me. ", I guess you're right, I will love Mr. Joe more in the United States"
Dana: "Is Mr. Joe sad that you don't love him in Korea?
Me: "Mr. Joe knows that I love his as much as I can in Korea, but we can not have a baby here."
Dana: "I guess you're right, it would be weird if YOU had a Korean baby."
Me: "Yes, I don't think the baby people would let me have a Korean baby."

Belly Buttons

A few weeks ago a kindergartener, Jacob, drew a lovely picture of me. He drew long dark hair, five fingers in each hand and a lovely pair of legs. Unfortunately for me, he also drew me without any clothes on! I just had a big round peach body, with a belly button. We laughed and laughed. Jacob thought he was the king of the room. It was funny.
Well a few days later Jacob needed help taking his sweatshirt off. He was pulling it and it got caught on his head, exposing HIS belly button. We all had a good laugh. And Jacob was renamed Belly Button Jacob.
In true kid fashion, they will not drop the belly button thing. We have had a few tickle attacks and I drew a funny picture of "The Belly Button Boys of BIS". Jacob even tried to reach down my shirt one day to get to my belly button. So I knew I had to put an end to the hunt for Ms. Stephanie's belly button.
I told the kids my belly button fell off. It was a lie but it is SO worth it. I told the kids that when I was a little girl I was really sick. I had to go to the hospital. It was a really bad tummy ache and the doctor had to give me lots of medicine. And because I was so sick, my belly button fell off. As simple as that, I do not have a belly button, stop looking/asking about it!

Jayden wrote a cute journal the other day:

 "My best friends are Alex and Ms. Stephanie. I like her because she has a cute little monkey belly button. She is so funny and sometimes she sees Mr. Joe's belly button. Sometimes she puts me in the trash can. Alex is so so fun. I want touch Ms. Stephanie's belly button. I love Alex. I met Alex when I was 6 years old at BIS. We play together at play time and sit by each other in class. He is my best friend."
First of all, he has NEVER seen my belly button. But thank you Jayden, it is a cute little monkey belly button. :) Secondly, how cute is this little journal? I'm glad he thinks of me as his friend.
I am afraid that the belly button will not die. All of the boys call me "Belly Button Ms. Stephanie".
They are pretty cute, I'm really going to miss these boys.