Monday, November 21, 2011

Eddie's Arrival Anniversary!

Joe and I got Eddie while we were in S. Korea in November of 2009, the weekend before Thanksgiving..... He was just a little guy. He had been left on a mountain and a young couple with a new baby found him. They took him home thinking that they would keep him. They named him "Eddie" after the Jack Russel Terrier on Frasier. They quickly decided that Eddie was way too much work and posted an add for him on Craig's List.

Joe and I had been contemplating getting a dog but had never had a serious conversation about it..... When I showed Joe the add for Eddie we both decided that we HAD to have him! We took the three hour subway ride to pick him up, paid around $80 to get him checked out by a vet then took him home!
Our first family photo, the day we got Eddie. 
November 2009

 He was such a cute little puppy!

Valentines Day 2011
I like Eddie furry. Before his summer hair cut.....
After his hair cut....He doesn't even look like the same dog!

In Korea it is completely normal to take dogs into the grocery store. When Eddie was little I would put him in my purse. Oh how things have changed!

Eddie fit so nicely in my purse.

18 lbs! What a stud!

Way too big for a purse now.

Eddie has always loved cuddles with Joe.

November 2009

Must have been a tough day. November 2011

We are very thankful for our little Korean souvenir!

Family photo October 2011

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  1. Wow it's amazing how much Eddie has grown.