Sunday, November 6, 2011

Angry Birds

There were 6 teachers that all wanted to dress up for Halloween together. We had two goals: 1. Spend as little as possible. 2. Dress alike or in the same theme. It was hard to figure out what 6 people could be on a small budget. After a copious amount of time on Google we finally came up with the idea of being Angry Birds.
The kids here LOVE the game Angry Birds. They all have Angry Bird pencil cases, note books and t-shirts. We kept our costumes a secret from the kids until Halloween day.

Leah and Krystal were the real brains of the operation. They worked really hard finding pictures online and creating the costumes our of huge sheets of felt. The costumes took about 30-45 minutes each to put together and they turned out AMAZING!

Joe was the big white chicken that has the egg bomb, Leah was the green boomerang bird, Ginny was the blue bird that magically turns into three birds, Julie was the classic red bird, Krystal was the super fast yellow bird and I got to be the black bomb bird.

We looked great! And the kids LOVED it.

Joe, Me, Krystal, Julie, Ginny and Leah

And the icing on the cake, each costume only cost about $4.

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