Sunday, November 6, 2011


Julia is one of our favorite students. She has a great personality and is a wonderful student. Perfect package!

Unfortunately Julia has been taking a break from BIS to prepare for a violin performance. We had been told she would be in a few months but were excited to see her again. Joe and I decided that we wanted to surprise Julia at her performance. We asked our Vice Principal, Ms. Sophia, to call Julia's mom and get some info on where she would be performing.

One Sunday last month we headed over to the local mall, AK Plaza, to surprise Julia.

Obviously all of the commentary was in Korean but we think that was just a preview of another larger performance that will be be happening later in the month. Julia was AMAZING! Nothing like what you would expect out of an 8 year old.

We are glad we went! Hopefully Julia will be back at BIS at the beginning of December.

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