Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counting My Blessings...

I teach Kindergarten reading to two different classes. We read two stories a month and have a spelling test every other Friday.

This two week unit started off like any other, until I remembered that this Friday (November 25) Joe and I would be going on a field trip with the Kindergartners. We wouldn't be at school to take the spelling test so I needed to adjust our homework schedule and spelling test date. I typed up a quick note to send home to the mothers and a new homework schedule packet. I explained that I had made a mistake about this weeks schedule and that the spelling test date would be changed.

Here is my note home:

Hi Mom and Dad,
I am so sorry but I made a mistake with this weeks homework schedule! I forgot that we will have a field trip on Friday, November 25. I have made a few changed to next weeks homework schedule. I have also changed the spelling test to Wednesday, November 23. Thank you, Ms. Stephanie

Yesterday I asked my Jupiter class (three students; Sean, Daniel and Jenith) if they had shown their mothers my note, and what their mothers had to say.

Daniel: "she say it is fine"

Jenith: "Mom just move head up and down."

Sean: "Mom said it is ok that Ms. Stephanie make a mistake because Ms. Stephanie is pretty."

...well I wonder what Sean's mother would have said if she thought I was ugly... :)


*Sean's mother is 35 and his father is 51. Sean often tells stories about shopping in fancy department stores, cleaning ladies, how beautiful his mother is and how he will have a new father someday when his father dies (because of how old he is). If you ask him what his mother does for a living he will respond with; "mom does shopping, drinking coffee with her friends and does exercise".

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