Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween at BIS

Here are a few pictures from Halloween.

Halloween isn' a huge holiday over here. The private schools will have a play day/dress up day but the kids don't go trick or treating out in their neighborhoods or anything.
The kindergarteners were divided into two groups and got to carve a pumpkin. They went around to the classrooms and "trick or treated", then they got to play a game in the gym. Here are some pictures.

Group picture!
We did a little singing and dancing to get into the Halloween spirit.
Please note that Mr. Joe the MC did not have to dance or sing.
Each class has to memorize a book and give a "presentation" every month. Ms. Karen picks the best class and the teacher and students get a prize. My class "won" no big deal. They got erasers and I got Chapstick.

Matthew, Henry, Jun, Erin-Jo, Alex, Dorothy, Andy = Mercury Class

Mario aka Matthew

Angela, Sarah, Sam and Erin-Na = Earth Class


More singing and dancing!

Look at the HUGE pumpkin! :)

Alex digging in!

Please note that "Mario" aka Matthew is ON the table trying to get his hand(s) in that pumpkin!

The final product!

 All of these shenanigans took place between 10am-2pm. We were exhausted! We had a really good time though and I think the kids did too!

For the elementary kids we canceled the last class and had a little party. They got to play in the gym then eat snacks they bought from the 7/11 downstairs. Surprisingly they had a great time.

I took a few pictures, enjoy! 

First grade
Ben (black hat), Will (blue hat), me, Greg, Brad


Halloween 2011 = Success!

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