Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peak and Pit

 Joe and I each take turns at the end of the day to talk about our "Peak" and our "Pit".
Our "Peak" being the best part of our day. The "Pit" being our least favorite part of our day.

So here is my Peak and Pit for the day....

Lets begin with the Pit...

We are sick.....

Joe is taking it WAY better than I am. I am grumpy, irritated and in a terrible mood.

I was in a bad mood as soon as I stepped off of the elevator today at school. Things are changing. Our schedules are changing. We are getting new students.

I brought hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes to school. No one was allowed into my classroom without washing their hands.... twice.  I am on a mission to sanitize and kill any and all germs that might end up in my path.

We had a staff meeting yesterday. All of the teachers we asked their opinion about students and levels...blah blah blah....

As a group we thought we made a decision about some students. Well those decisions were thrown out the window. A few students are in classes that are too difficult. I am not feeling like my opinion was valued or like I have been shown respect. I got very frustrated!

I truly love my job, I love being a teacher, I love spending time with my students, but today I wish I could have just stayed in bed!

( I kinda cheated.... I kinda had 2 "pits" but I think that they are very much related. If I wasn't sick I wouldn't be in such a terrible mood and I wouldn't care as much about all of the crappy changes.)

And my Peak....

One of my (favorite) first graders, Greg, made me laugh today. Our English class starts at 2:30. Well the bell rang for class to begin and Greg's backpack was at my classroom door but Greg was no where to be found. He is often late so I assumed he was talking to the Korean staff or checking out a book from the library.
Well twenty minutes later I went looking for him. I was walking down the hall past the bathrooms yelling his name. To my surprise I heard Greg yell back!

Me- "Greg, where are you?"
Greg- (*from inside the bathroom) "I'm doing the poop Ms. Stephanie"
Me- "OH!........Well wash your hands when your done."
Greg-"ok, 5 minutes more"
Me- ".....take your time"

About 10 minutes later he arrives at my door.
Me- "Did you wash your hands?'
Greg- "OH!?! No."

It's gross. But he is funny and I can't help but laugh.
(you know I had a bad day when poop was part of my "peak")

Greg and I on Halloween

I just popped a handful of over the counter cold/flu meds.  Let's hope this sickness runs its course sooner than later.

*someday I will have to post a picture of our bathrooms......We have a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom. Each of the toilets have stalls with doors, but the bathroom itself does not have a door. They have these pathetic half curtains strung from the top of the doorway. There is ZERO privacy for the boys using the urinal, just ask Mr. Joe.

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  1. Sorry you guys are sick! Hope it passes quickly! Sorry also to say-"get used to frustration in our profession!" And your peak is priceless!