Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hair Cut

I have been growing my hair out since Joe and I got engaged....June of 2009.

I have had a few professional hair cuts. One before our wedding and one thanks to Joe's sister Sara, who spoiled me with a cut from a salon she used to work at. But to be honest with long hair I found it really easy to just cut my own hair every once in a while.

Well with winter fast approaching I decided to cut my hair. The air is very dry during the winter and I wanted to try to avoid long showers or having to blow dry my hair.... with that being said having really long hair was cramping my style.

Our co-worker, Krystal, had made plans to get her hair cut and I asked if I could tag along. So a few Saturdays ago I cut about 14 inches off.

 Here is a before and after...

The second picture isn't the best, but you get the idea.

So far I have enjoyed my shorter hair. It only takes 5 minutes to dry!!!!! I used to spend 20-30 minutes blow drying my hair. I went to a place called Juno Hair. It is a pretty well known chain hair salon. When we walked in they took our coats and gave us each a magazine to look at. They even made us toast and jam because Krystal mentioned she hadn't had breakfast. I got my hair shampooed and conditioned. The man who washed my hair gave me THE BEST head rub! I would go back just for him to wash my hair. Seriously, it was THAT good!  The woman who cut my hair didn't speak English, but I cane armed with a few pictures. Overall it was a great experience. The salon workers were all really nice and I like my hair cut!

The kids at school haven't taken so kindly to my change in hair style. In true outspoken kid fashion I have been told more than once that I have "turned ugly" or look like an "old woman".  Oh well..

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