Monday, December 12, 2011

B and B

Beer and Baking

BIS has been stressful for the last few weeks!  More last minute changes to our work load, meetings and new students. (my low level first grade English class went from 4 boys to 7 boys almost overnight!) The last thing any of us teachers want is to be feeling overwhelmed by work this close to Christmas and our winter vacation.

Leah had this great idea to get together at her place to have a little fun. The ladies were going to bake cookies while the guys got to do guy stuff. Basically the plan was for the guys to play video games and drink beer while the ladies sipped on wine and decorated sugar cookies.

Well Sunday was the day. Joe and I met Krystal and her boyfriend Chris and hopped on the bus headed to Leah's place. Leah and her husband Josh were great hosts. They had snacks ready and beer cold.

The guys did there thing while the ladies got right down to business. It was fun to hangout outside of school, chat and get to know the other teachers on a more personal level.
And... I LOVE SUGAR COOKIES! Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies, dripping with frosting and sprinkles!

That red Alien looking thing is supposed to be a reindeer.....epic FAIL!

We used an old pizza box to carry our loot home.   
We have this really mean door man, well let me clarify. The door man is always nice to me, but he is ALWAYS mean to Joe. He is this middle aged man that only speaks a few words of English. Well I have taken it upon myself to be out of my way nice to him. When we got back from Leah's with the box of cookies I gave him one. (that's why a cookie is missing in the picture above) He was very thankful and gave me a little bow, then glared at Joe.

It was a great night, with great company. Joe and I are really thankful to have such great co-workers/friends!

Not to mention my "peak" today was this......

That's right I had coffee and sugar cookies twice today. Once for breakfast and again for my afternoon snack! PERFECTION!

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