Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Came Early

Christmas can early for us in Korea!

Joe and I had decided not to get phones in Korea. In a country ran by technology it is not always easy to be disconnected electronically. But weighing our options, we decided that it was not a necessity. Joe and I are always close by and we have the internet at home and school in case we need to email, Facebook or Skype.

The only reason not having a phone was cramping our style was not being able to keep in closer contact with our friends and family from home. Joe and I both missed using our iPhones! We both really missed texting!

Well our co-worker Leah (who is also from the Northwest) was texting her mom one day last week and I had a moment of clarity. If Leah could text people from home we could too.

Leah gave me the names of a few apps to download and I started to look into them. Well it turns out that Joe and I can use our old iPhones (they are no longer connected to a phone server) as an iTouch. As long as we are connected to the internet Joe and I can use apps to text and call home!

We ended up downloading "Text Now". It is a free download, all you have to do is sign up with a valid email and put in an area code of your preference. Then they give you a US phone number (for free) to text from! You can even send and receive pictures.

Friday morning I was a terrible teacher because I couldn't put my phone down! I was so excited to text everyone.

We are both excited to be able to stay in nearly constant contact with everyone from home.

Yay! Merry Christmas to us!

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