Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Field Trip

Every month at BIS the Kindergarteners get to go on a field trip. The teachers take turns going along. In our past experience field trips have been a great opportunity to get to know the kids in a very relaxed setting. Joe and I were excited that not only were we going to go on the November field trip, but that we would also get to go together.
Joe and I are known at BIS for being very strict. Joe is the consistent, even keel, mellow teacher. I am a bit more dramatic, loud, and I wear my emotions on my sleeve. On field trips Joe and I are put our "teacher hats"up and just play.

November's field trip was to a chocolate making store.
The kids were really excited! Joe and I had been on this field trip before, but it was our first field trip with this group of kids. Joe and I were really excited to hang out with the kids outside of school.

As per usual, I was running late, and we arrived just in time to get on the bus to the field trip. In the past Joe and I were not allowed to ride on the bus together. (in the past couples at BIS would be inappropriate around the children) It was fun to be on the same bus. It took about 20 minutes to get to the country side store.

When we got to the store/factory the kids were shown a short slide show about where coco comes from. This was done all in Korean. Joe and I just stood around and watched the kids get excited.

When it came time to making chocolate, the kids all got to make molds of dark chocolate. Each kid made about 15-20 chocolates to take home. They were all packaged and put in their backpacks.





Alex and Erin-Na

Angela. she was SO proud of her little chocolates!


Hard at work

After we were all done making chocolates we gathered to have a pick-nick style lunch. Because BIS is a private school the parents often send the kids with TONS of food to share with the teachers. At one point seven or eight of the little boys were trying to feed Joe different kinds of kim-bop (kind of like a California role, veggies, meat, with rice, rolled with seaweed) Jamie's mom won the award for best kim-bop, meat and rice. Jamie doesn't eat vegetables, him and Joe have that in common. :)

After lunch we had about an hour to kill. It was too cold to go outside and play and the room we were in was way to small to run around. For a few minutes Joe and I were at a loss. Neither of us had any quiet games we could after about 5 minutes of the kids getting a bit out of hand Joe and I pulled out our old iPhones and let the kids take turns playing Angry Birds. We ended up dog-piling, Joe had a group of kids on his lap and I had the others with me. We took turns trying to earn 3 stars on each level.

Neither of us are going to get "Teacher of the Year" awards after this field trip, but it was fun for us and the kids.

Dorothy, Eugene, Angela, Jun, Daniel and Erin-Jo
Dorothy (I swear she is happy some of the time) Angela and Jun

Joe has a few more pictures on his phone that I need to get. But as you can see, we all had a pretty good time.

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  1. Sorry, the teacher in me needs you to edit this post and spell November correctly in the title. Sorry. Love the photos of the kids