Thursday, June 7, 2012

Take Your Dog to Work Day

On Tuesday I got to take Eddie to work!
Every morning the kindergarteners get to do some sort of show and tell. Sometimes they get to bring in an actual toy but most of the time is is an oportunity for them to draw, write and speak about a topic. The teachers usually take a turn to show the students how to fill out the poster and speak in front of a group.

This time around our topic was "My favorite animal". It is no secret at BIS that my favorite animal is a dog and my favorite dog is Eddie!

When I found out it was my turn was going to be Tuesday I convinced Joe to bring Eddie to work!
Eddie is a great dog. He has been a good listener and we have trained him to do a few tricks. But Eddie is only 2 and half. He gets really excited around little kids, but he loves kids.
In Korea, it is not common for families to have pet dogs yet. And if families have dogs they are toy poodles or tea cup Yorkies.
Eddie is about 18 lbs. and is considered a "large" dog in Korea.

Joe and I were both nervous but hopeful.The plan was for Joe to hold onto Eddie in my classroom while I went to the gym and talked to the kids.

I showed the kids my poster and talked to them about what Eddie.

 I told the kids that Eddie didn't like big voices and that they all had to sit quietly and not shout at Eddie or he would be scared and bark.I showed them how to touch a dog and how you say hello and to let Eddie smell their hands before they touched him. 

The kids did great and so did Eddie! 

This is Clara, she was the cutest! This is the first dog she has got to see up close. She squealed with excitement  when it was her turn to pet Eddie. You should have seen her face, it was priceless!

I LOVE this picture. Poor Eddie is over it!

Look at my sweet puppy! He did such a good job. He said hello to all of the kids that wanted to but some were too afraid to touch him. Eddie did some tricks and took a few laps around the gym. He was a very good little dog. He even danced for the kids!

Then we all said good bye and Joe took Eddie home.
At lunch time Eddie was passed out in his bed snoring with his tongue out. Visiting school must have really worn him out.

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  1. Eddie looked like he enjoyed MOST of his outing! The pictures are priceless! What a treat for the kids and you! Love it as usual! Thanks for sharing.