Thursday, June 28, 2012

Science Experiment

Joe is the science teacher. He is not thrilled about his new position. He used to teach math and vocabulary and he had much more fun.

With his new job he "gets" to do a science experiment twice a month with the kindergarteners.
Most of the time the little experiments work.

 Doesn't Mr. Joe look thrilled!

 Alex helping pour in the apple cider vinegar.

 Jun and Clara helping fill a balloon with baking soda.

 Let's see what happens......

 Ohh......Ahhhhh. Very impressive if you ask me.

This was last weeks science experiment with Earth class. I have asked multiple times if Joe has anything to add, he is adamant that there is NOTHING to say about science experiment.

I know he hates this part of his job.
The Korean staff come in and tell him to pose with the science "equipment" and he is not good at being fake.

The kids seem to enjoy it. I can't say that they understand what is going on. They DO know that any experiment with baking soda and vinegar is going t be awesome!

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  1. Mr. Joe needs to embrace his curriculum and enjoy the science experiments as much as his students!