Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eddie Walk for PE

Joe and I get to co-teach P.E. and art with the kindergarteners.

We get and hour and 15 minutes and no one cares what we do.
Last month I decided that we should take the kids outside before summer got here and it would be way too hot for any outside activities.

Joe and I decided that a nature walk would be fun. We live and work near a few parks and the "Tan Chan". It is a stream that flows through the city and there are walking/running paths along it as well as basketball courts, tennis courts, play equipment that encourages people to be active.

Every morning and evening we take Eddie for a walk along the Tan Chan. He gets to be off his leash and run around. There is a park with a soccer field and a few places where Eddie gets to jump across rocks in the stream. Eddie LOVES his Tan Chan walk. It's about 2 miles long and takes us about 30-40 minutes.

When Joe and I decided to take the kids on a nature walk we thought that the Eddie walk would be perfect. We would walk about a mile, stop on the soccer field to kick the ball around, then walk the other mile back to school.

 For the record, my team won. 2 to 0. No big deal. It's just a game. But my team won. 

 This is Brian and Alex.. As soon as we ran onto the soccer field Brian got caught up in Alex and they both did a HUGE face plant. You can see all of the dirt on Brian's face and shirt. I had to turn around because I was laughing so hard. As soon as they hit the ground a huge puff of dust formed and Brain stood up covered in dirt. Hilarious!

 The loosing team with their team captain, Mr. Joe.

 This was my favorite part of our walk. The kids had never really jumped on these rocks before. They acted like the had to jump across the Grand Canyon. They were SO cute.
One little girl needed a little help. She held Joe's little finger while she jumped from rock to rock. They were all really proud of themselves when the got to the other side.

Joe helped some of the slow movers across.


 Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to be able to live in such a great location.

You can almost see our aprtment in the background. Its the building second from the right.


It was a great little adventure. The kids seemed to really enjoy the walk.
I think all of the kids said that their favorite part of the walk was jumping across the rocks.

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  1. What a great outing for the kids. These are the kinds of memories Awesome teachers give their students.