Friday, June 15, 2012

A Peak and A Pit

 9 months down, 12 more to go.

Can you believe we have been living and working in Korea for 9 months! Wow. In the last 9 months life has flown by. Work is good, Joe and I are enjoying the time we have with each other, and we really love the new friendships we have made. The last 9 months have been a peak!

Oh my gosh, we have 12 more months! Ahhh, sometimes we miss the silly little things. I miss our big couch. My washer and dryer! Quick trips to Fred Myer where you can grab everything you need in under 30 minutes. Then the big things, 1st birthdays and helping Mike and Debbie with the remodel they are doing on their house. It's hard to think that we have 12 more months away.

June 2013 is the end of our contract. We have not set an exact date. But we agreed with our boss, Karen, that we will leave as some point in June. When things get closer and she finds replacements for us we will have a better idea. I think knowing that this month, maybe even this week, is our 12 more month mark was hard on Joe and I. We had a long week. Not just that I think that our inner teacher calendar thinks we should be starting summer vacation this week too. Every single teacher friend I have on Facebook has made a comment about summer vacation or the last day of this school year. I. Am. Dieing!

But we have SO much to look forward to in the next 12 months....

At the end of this month Joe and I are in a little musical (again) with some of our students. We have rehearsal the next two weekends. That will keep us a little busy. 

My friends, Jenelle and Myriam and I are throwing Leah and baby boy Brown a baby shower! Leah's mom is going to be in Korea visiting for 3 weeks so we planned the shower so that her mom can be a part of it. We have a million ideas and things are really coming together.

Joe's dirty 30th birthday is July 25!~ Can you believe my husband is SO old :) We have some fun weekend plans with all of our friends. I am looking forward to spoiling him. 

Mike and Debbie get here in 5 weeks! They arrive July 27! yay!

We are all going to China together! They are fun to travel with. We have been on a dozen or so trips together and each trip we have made some great memories.
I also get to see the Great Wall. I am SO excited.

Debbie is going to stay with us for an extra week and a half. I am really looking forward to having some mom time. I really miss having her around.

Joe and I get an extra vacation in October. We are thinking about taking a trip to Thailand. No plans made yet but we will be taking advantage of our time off.

Then in December we are going to Hawaii!!!! We love Hawaii. Joe and I have been twice, but this time Mike and Debbie are going to meet us there for Christmas. Because Christmas is on a Tuesday and so is New Years, we get a few extra days off this year! yay. We will get to stay in Hawaii for 10 days. Tickets bought, condo reserved!

After our Christmas vacation in Hawaii we will only have 6 more months left in Korea. I am sure that time will fly by! We will have kinder graduation to prepare for and a new set of kids to whip into shape. And we will be applying to jobs back home trying to figure out what our chapter after Korea brings us.

9 months down, 12 more to go.


  1. It is a pit for us as well....but the time will fly and you will be home soon to help us enjoy all of our projects! Looking forward to helping you guys create some memories that will add to your fun adventure.

  2. 12 months left, but you have lots planned. I bet that the time just flies by for you. I would love to go to China. You will have to let me know what your favorite parts are.

    I didn't realize that Joe turned 30 this year. I will have to add something extra special to the Birthday box. Which by the way will be sent in the next week. : ) Let me know if there is anything you need I can add to the box. I already have your pinto beans and such.

    Jimbo fractured his ankle last weekend playing softball. Boy it has been hard keeping him on the crutches and off the foot. Jennifer, Steve and the kids came for a visit. The kids are still here for another week and a half. It was Jen and Steve's first trip. They like it alot. Jen liked enough that she even looked at the job market to see what is available for Pharamacy Techs. John has applied for a job with at&T here in Austin. They want to move here pretty badly. Sarah loves the warmth. Vivian is getting so big and so is Landon. We are headed up to the Northwest on July 5th for Jim's family reunion. I will be up there a couple of weeks. Jimbo is thinking about staying for 4 or 5 weeks. He has lots of friends that want him to come golf. Hopefully his ankle will heal fast enough so he can play. Grandma Bea is doing great; staying busy as ever. I always enjoy reading about your adventures and I love the pictures. Keep them coming. Hugs, hugs, hugs.... Miss you both, take good care, Love Godmom