Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday this year was probably the best ever! Turning 27 was great!

I've never been a big birthday person.My birthday is the 9th of May, and most of the time falls around Mother's Day. Growing up it was hard to plan birthday parties around Mother's Day weekend and softball games. When I got older and was in college it was the same thing. Most of my friends would be going home for the weekend of my birthday. I never really cared.

Well this year I was SO spoiled! It seems like my birthday lasted all month long.

My birthday month started off on May 5th. Leah and Josh generously offered to host a joint birthday party for our friend Seth and I. We planned for a fun outdoor BBQ.

When I woke up Joe surprised me with an early birthday present!

 Of course we talked about not exchanging gifts this year.....and he breaks our deal. But I love him for it! He told me he picked it out weeks ago when I was having a girls day. He went to the department store and smelled a ton of different perfumes and decided that this one was the best. I agree!

 Birthday Buddies!

In the early afternoon we headed over to Josh and Leah's. We ate, the guys played a pick up game of basketball with a bunch of Korean high schoolers and the ladies soaked up some sun.
Jenelle and I
Leah and I

I was spoiled with TONS of gifts from friends.

Jenelle's gift was American themed. Perfect for a girl that is homesick for 'Merica! She got me a pack of American flags, magazines, tanning lotion (yay! my poor white legs), some cute travel size toiletries that I can take to China in July and a candle.
Her card was wildly inappropriate and very funny!

Troy and Alicia know how to put the "happy" in happy birthday. They got me a bottle of Jose!

Myriam and James got me a broom! It sounds so weird but in Korea you can not find a human size broom. All of the brooms are so small, like a dustpan size broom. I end up with a sore back after I finish sweeping my tiny apartment.

Leah has become a pro at birthday bouquets! She collects a bunch of small goodies the recipient likes, for me it was candy, candles, Cheetoes... For Seth it was candy, a few cigars and few little bottles of liquor. Then she puts them together in this bouquet. I think these were the 3rd of 4th that she has made in Korea and they are getting better and better.
She also made me a "my stache" jar. Not only do I think that mustaches are really funny but I also have a secret collection of money that I call "my stache".

Long story short, I have been taking money out of Joe's wallet and putting it in my "stache". I have a secret pocket in my wallet and have been collecting for a rainy day. Leah made me this perfect new "stache" jar. I LOVE it! Such a perfect gift!
I love my friends!

Jenelle made a delicious white chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting and Leah made her famous key-lime cheese cake.

It was delicious! 

Joe surprised me with a bottle of my favorite adult beverage.....Patron!

I even ordered a birthday outfit online. I found this romper and I knew it was meant to be when the title said "Original 1985 Romper with tags". Hello!?! We were both born in the same year so I knew it would be the perfect addition to my birthday. 

I had also made some props for a photo booth we had at school. I brought them along just in case. And I am glad I did!

Have I mentioned how much I love my friends! We really have a good time together.

After some drinks, cake and some photo booth time we decided to pull out the Rock Band!

It was the best birthday ever!

This was just the beginning of the May birthday shenanigans..... to be continued.

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  1. Thanks for the posting! The pictures bring the stories alive! What a great birthday party! Thanks for sharing