Monday, August 6, 2012

Mike and Debbie at BIS

I have  a TON of posts in the making but I found these pictures on the BIS website and HAD to share.

M and D came to Korea Thursday, July 26th. We have been very busy. Joe and I let them sleep in but after lunch we took them to BIS for the kinder RDB presentation.

In true BIS fashion, the Korean staff had a big show planned.

The kids sang and danced.

Then they recited their reading books my memory.
This is my little RDB class.

At the end of the show, Ms. Karen came out with a birthday cake for Joe /welcome cake for M and D.

It was fun to have them at school. And the kids were really cute!

We  LOVE having M and D here!

More posts about Joe's 30th birthday party, China and Mom and Dad's visit coming soon!

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