Sunday, July 8, 2012


My favorite little kindergartener, Claire, got to bring her dog to school for show and tell.  I try not to have favorites but it is SO hard when she is so cute.
Claire was THE CUTEST showing off her little dog, Toree. 

Claire's mom had called the school the week before and asked me to help with Toree. She knew that I was not afraid of dogs because I had brought Eddie to school a few weeks ago.

Toree did a great job, so did Claire. But like Eddie, after about 15 minutes she was ready to go home. Claire would scoop Toree up and carry her around to all of the kids. It was very cute. The dog probably only weighed a pound, it was all fur. But of course Claire acted like it weighed 100 pounds. Pretty cute.

Joe has some cute pictures on his phone that I will try and upload later.

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