Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Dirty 30

My husband turned 30! Can you believe it?

Joe is not the type of person to want to be the center of attention. We had a "serious" talk in June about how he didn't want a party and that we really wouldn't have time for one. July was a REALLY busy month for us in Korea. We have a solid group of friends that keep us VERY busy.  Between baby showers, the 4th of July BBQ, parents coming to visit, a wedding dinner (!) and a trip to China, on paper it really did look like a 30th birthday party would be impossible. Huahahahaha (insert evil wife life) so he thought! 

In June, Myriam, offered to host Joe's 30th birthday surprise party. I had been trying to think of something to do for him, maybe a dinner or a hotel room at the casino. Her offer was perfect for a Joe kind of party.

Our plan was to get a group together to go out to our favorite BBQ duck restaurant. Leah's mom, Connie, would be in town and Mike and Debbie would be here. It was a great way to convince Joe that this dinner would be just a bigger version of our Friday night dinners that we have all together about twice a month.

 These are different pictures of a duck dinner at the same restaurant. I somehow didn't get any food pictures at dinner :(
James agreed to be our decoy and drive Joe away to grab some cigars at Josh's house after dinner, that way everyone could get to James' and Myriam's house for our big reveal.

It was a great surprise! He had no idea!

 I love him!
 Joe has acquired a new habit here in Korea..... smoking cigars. I was hesitant at first to support this habit, but whatever. About a month before his birthday Joe ordered like 50 cigars with some of the other guys. Unfortunately he didn't have a humidor to store them. We talked about it and I told him that with China coming up and he already spent SO much on cigars that a humidor would have to wait until Christmas.... Muahahahah! That same night I send a text to James to throw in a humidor onto Joe's cigar order, but not to tell Joe. It would be the perfect present from me for his birthday!

 When James got everything in the mail he put it all together for Joe. He loved it and I was so excited for him to get it.

 Cigars, booze and great friends. What else could a 30 year old man ask for?
His life long dream to come true, becoming the next Micheal Jordan.

 Myriam is a graphic designer. When the plan was hatched that we would throw Joe a surprise party she started asking me about what kinds of things Joe likes or what he was into when he was a kid. She came up with this great poster design and created the whole thing! She photo shopped all of our faces into the crowd and obviously Joe is the star! Even the bar code and price match the year he was born, 1982.

 It is a really great poster! Thank you Myriam! Best. Gift. EVER!
 I know Joe had a great time. I am so glad that we have such amazing friends so that this could happen!
 Joey and his mom and dad!
 A birthday is not complete without cake and candles!
 Towards the end of the evening we all headed to the roof for a cigar. I am a wimp and have still not had a proper puff, but the other Randall's got in on the cigar action.

The night went off without a hitch!

Happy 30th Birthday Joey! 


  1. Great pictures! Glad we were there to share in your perfect surprise birthday plan! You really know how to throw a party! (as seen in photo of me smoking a cigar!) Miss you guys!

  2. What a great job you did in putting this blog together(just like all the ones you do)! It was so much fun sharing this special occasion with you guys and your friends. Love you guys!