Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Joe

The kids at school were also very sweet to Joe on his birthday. I planned some time for all of his favorite classes to make him cards or draw him a picture.

 Jayden made Joe this birthday card. I love that he drew Joe with such a professional outfit. Joe has never worn a tie to school and I have never in my life seen him in a bow tie.

The night before Joe asked if I could make some kind of treat for him to share with the classes he taught on his birthday. He requested sugar cookies, with fudge frosting and sprinkles. They turned out very cute and even more delicious!

 Joe got a special birthday package on his birthday too. Maleah's mom, Catherine, sent Joe some of his favorite treats from the USA. Cat had emailed me a week earlier giving me the heads up that she had put something in the mail. I didn't mention anything to Joe, and I am glad I didn't. It was perfect that the package arrived on his birthday. Thank you Catherine!

  Some of the older kids surprised Joe with gifts.

Annie was a kindergarten student of ours in 2009 when we first taught at BIS. Annie's mom is a doctor and thinks that science is THE most important subject. Naturally Joe is her favorite teacher. She bought Joe a cake and a pizza. Annie picked out a baseball for him. I thought it was really sweet that Annie and her family went all out. Some of the other kids in that class got Joe new red pens, because his are always broken. So thoughtful.

Look at that birthday spread. I especially love that Annie got Joe a birthday hat to wear.

I don't have any pictures, but our boss did treat the teachers to a July birthday dinner. The week before Joe's birthday and a few days after our co-worker Cathy's birthday, all of the teachers got together for a dinner. We ate at a relatively new restaurant called JFK. It was delicious. Joe  received some really nice gifts from our co-workers too. It was an enjoyable evening.

Happy Birthday Mr. Joe from BIS!

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  1. Joe looks like he was having a very special day! Those cookies look delicious! Nothing better then to be appreciated by your students (unless its being appreciated by your family!) Thank you again for posting such great events.