Monday, March 25, 2013


Joe and I are SO spoiled! We have some amazing family and friends that send us goodies in the mail. Who doesn't love getting mail?

M and D send (on average) a package a month! (I told you we are spoiled!)
Well, now that we are in the final count down until it is time to say good bye to Korea, we talked M and D into sending one last package. M and D said that the last package would cover every holiday until we got home. And that wasn't a lie. 

Special delivery!
I love those two!

Look at all of those goodies!
Joe and I each got the goods to make our favorite birthday desserts. Brownies for me,  peach cobbler for Joe. All of the holidays were covered. Cadbury Eggs for Easter, four leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day and even a very festive hat for the 4th of July! So many goodies! Our cupboards and tummies are full! 

Last month we got a surprise package from our friends the Brown's. Josh, Leah and baby Cooper sent us a package full of goodies.

Like I said our cupboards are full!

Thank you Brown's and M and D! We love all of the goodies!


  1. Looks like you shouldn't have to grocery shop for awhile! Good stuff! It was weird to think that was the last box! Looking forward to local boxes!

  2. I count three boxes! You guys really are spoiled!