Thursday, March 21, 2013

"I can read them all!"

 You might remember Erin-Oh from her previous shenanigans.

Well, the beginning of the school year was March 4th and my schedule got switched around a bit. Now I get to teach phonics. It's not my favorite subject and it's not my favorite curriculum but we are working with it. Actually, we are working REALLY hard! Phonics is hard to learn and to be honest it's hard to teach. (Teacher friends:It's a very scripted program that is taught separately from any reading group)

We worked all week on the "en" letter combo sound. We have chants and songs, we sing, we read, we has been a very busy week.

Erin let me record her reading our chant in class the other day.

I am SUPER proud of her. This is not an easy program to learn and she is really catching on. She has bought into all of the little gimmicks of the program and the rewards.

Not to mention she is the cutest little thing. Erin is so much fun to teach. She likes school. She likes learning. And, I can have fun with her without her getting too off track.

And we are now BFFS:

 This is her new favorite face. She makes it whenever she makes a mistake or is confused. If another classmate does something odd (which is often). This face is usually followed by "oh my".
I know the last time I talked about Erin-Oh she was trying to steal my husband. Lucky for me, she found a boy in her class that will be her new Prince Charming.

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