Sunday, March 3, 2013


173 days left in Korea. I am not usually a count-down kind of person....unless its Christmas...but it came to my attention some time last week that we only have 6 months left here.

I can not believe it!

We have been struggling here the last few months, but the realization that we have such a short time left here has given us a pick me up. This is our last first day of school in Korea. This is our last spring. We just had our last Kinder graduation!

The count down in on and I am SO excited. I am excited to breath in all of our "lasts" with fresh new eyes and I am excited to check off some "to-do's" off of our Korea bucket list.


  1. Wow! Time will fly by so quickly. What's on your bucket lust?

  2. Janelle, mind in the gutter?! HA!
    We are counting down as well. It will go by sooo quickly!