Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You've Got Mail

Joe and I are spoiled! We have some wonderful family that sends us love via huge care packages.

Recently my Godmother (Godmom) and her mother Bee put together a Valentines Day/St. Patrick's Day package for us.

It was loaded with homemade goodies, including my Godmom's famous chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies!
 They also stuffed the package with enough (about 20) individual boxes of Valentines Day candy conversation hearts for us to give a box to each of our kindergarteners.
Can you believe that all fit into one box?

Homemade goodies!
We were lucky enough to receive the package at school just before lunch. I sent Godmom a quick text and she said they were still awake. We were able to skype while we opened the package!
Thank goodness for technology!

Between Joe and I the goodies didn't stick around long.
Thank you Godmom and Bee for being so thoughtful! It's like Christmas morning when a package comes!

Then Joe and I were reminded again that we are spoiled when a package arrived at school from Mom and Dad Randall.

They spoil us about once a month with a huge box full of goodies from home. Although M and D had said that this was not a fun package we beg to differ.

It was full of goodies. Supplies for Jello shots, tea, medicine, Joe's joint juice he takes for his old man knees, some fun lip gloss for me. A great package.

I must say the best part of the package was the fun treat they put in for Eddie. Before we left for Korea we stayed at M and D's for about 2 months. During that time Eddie became good friends with Tatter and Gracie, M and D's big dogs. ( a golden lab and a black lab) Eddie would run around, dig in the dirt, eat cat poop, chew on sticks and chase the big dogs.

Eddie got a special present from the farm. A few sticks from the yard, with all of his old dog friend smells.

As soon as we opened up the box at home Eddie went nuts. He was whinning and crying trying to get into the box.
First sniffs!

Savoring every bite....

Getting ready to go to town!
 Eddie got 2 sticks and a stuffed dog toy. We decided to give him one stick now and wait to give him the other in a week or two. So far he has only made a small mess of wood chips, but its worth it.

It was a great reminder of home and all of the fun we had at M and D's this summer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the love from home.

Can you believe we have been here for 6 months already? Only about 16-ish more months to go. :)
Hugs from Korea!


  1. Glad Eddie liked his stick. Thanks for reminding me he likes cat poop also. I will see what I can do!

    1. I thought I posted a comment a month ago! I said "well, only 16ish more boxes to pack! But I sure will enjoy when I can take presents to you guys personally! God I miss you guys!