Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UDC and Happy Birthday Antonio!

 * I wrote this a few weeks ago and am just getting around to posting it. Sorry! *

Joe and I have been lucky enough to make some wonderful friends here in Korea. Almost every Friday night we meet up and have dinner and drinks together. This usually means we stay up too late, drink too much and laugh until our bellies hurt. These are wonderful people and we are over the moon that we get to share so many wonderful Korean memories with them.

A few Fridays ago the guys were playing darts at the bar. Joe got lucky and beat everyone. It just so happens that James is a huge dart player and even has a really nice dart board and darts that he plays with at home. Joe beating James did not sit well. On Sunday we got this picture text.....

This is where the Ultimate Dart Championship was born. (Joe and I are the only non-military couple so no one knows our last name, that's why he is "Joe-X" on the poster.) Jame's wife, Myriam is studying to be a graphic designer so she put this poster together to announce the tournament.

During all of this tournament planning our Puerto Rican friend, Antonio, mentioned that the 9th was his birthday! Everything was coming together perfectly. We would celebrate Antonio's birthday and have the dart championship. James and Myriam kindly offered for the festivities to happen at their place.

Happy Birthday Antonio! 

Antonio is a stand up guy. He is a tad bit older than Joe and I but he can drink/party us both under the table. He has a Spanish accent and a great sense of humor. When he has had a few shots of tequila he sounds a bit like Borat.

To celebrate his 41st birthday we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. We sat on the floor and BBQ-ed until our hearts and stomachs were content. Leah made the cute "41 Sucks" sucker flower pot, it was a hit!

After dinner we headed to James and Myriam's place.
It was a great night! We all took turns playing darts. At one point Leah and Myriam convince me that I should try to roller blade in the apartment. It was a great idea. And I stand by my decision to blade indoors.
Myriam being a good friend and helping me but on my blades. :)
The next day I could hardly walk up stairs because I had landed on my right knee several times while indoor blading. I laughed SO hard I didn't even care about the pain.

The dart tournament turned out to be a bust for Joe. He lost to almost everyone. I think Leah beat me, and Antonio forfeited at one point. I'd say it was a successful Friday night.

Sometimes Saturday mornings are rough but it is worth it for our Friday night fun. 


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun! Thanks for the pictures so we can visualize the stories!!! We are so glad you guys are having so much fun over there!

  2. I got to the championship match. But I guess someone was too busy rollerblading around an apartment to notice.