Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet the Competition

 I must admit that I am a very lucky lady. I landed a handsome husband, but it seems as though I have some competition on my hands....

Meet Erin-Oh


 This girl has a HUGE personality. She wears her crown to school almost everyday. She has every Disney princess dress on the market and she LOVES to sing and dance. Most days she makes up her own songs or she just sings any and all the words that come to her mind.

For example, we were working on identifying colors last week. In a voice closer to a scream than a sing, Erin chimes in with her own scene stealing song.
"I love piiiiiiiiiiiiink! It is the best color in the wooooooorld! Peeeeeeeeink! It is SO much better than puuuuuurple. I loooooooouuuuuve PINK!!!"

 I thought we were PBFF, Princess Best Friends Forever. Until today. Look at her, proud as punch with her drawing.

She was in class with Joe and they were all finished up with their work so Joe gave them each a piece of paper to draw on. She decided to draw a house. It's a little difficult to tell but on the top story of the house there are rooms where her mommy and daddy are in bed. Then on the middle section there are some brothers and sisters and another "daddy" at the top of the stairs. (obviously he has used her long Rapunzel like hair to go from the bed to the...table?)


Anyway, the real show stopper here is near what I think is the first floor, I've zoomed in so you can take a closer look....

Yep, you guessed it. That is my (former) PBFF getting married to MY husband, Mr. Joe (obviously in this scenario he is a prince.)! What a husband stealer! She even drew them during the ring ceremony. Prince Mr. Joe is giving Princess Erin a big diamond ring (I claim zero responsibility for the encouragement of princess-ness or big ol' diamond rings.....)

I guess in class the discussion was this...

Erin- "Look at my house Mr. Joe"
Joe-"Oh, so beautiful"
Erin-"I know, look it's Princess Erin" (pointing to her in the ring ceremony)
Joe-"Who is that next to her?"
Erin- "The Prince."
Joe- "Oh, who's the Prince?"
Erin- "YOU, Mr. Joe!"
Joe- "ohhh, What are we doing?"
Erin- "Getting married"
Joe- "But I'm married to Ms. Stephanie"
Erin- "No, you will marry me!"

You know what they say; Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Let's just say I'll be keeping an eye on this little princess.


  1. That is the best story I have ever heard! You better watch your back! :)

  2. Man! There is always someone out there to steal the prince!!! Be Careful! She is a cutie!!!