Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you Pizza Hut....and my husband!

Joe and I knew moving to South Korea meant that we would have to make some sacrifices. It meant that we would miss birthdays, family, driving our own cars and Target. Ok...maybe I am being a bit dramatic. But I REALLY miss going to Target and picking up the few things we need and two dozen things we don't need. :)

I had mentioned a few times that I really missed crushed red pepper. I like to put in on my pizza, a little in my spaghetti sauce, add a pinch in my salad. I like to add a little spice to almost anything.

One night a few weeks ago Leah and I went into Seoul to shop and get pedicures with our friend Jenelle. All the while the guys decided to get together to drink beer, eat pizza and play video games.

As the story goes, Joe and Josh went to pick up some beer and pizza. While they were waiting for the pizza to be done, out of the corner of his eye, Joe saw that little station with napkins, little Parmesan  cheese packs and, you guessed it, crushed red pepper packs. He proceeded to fill a plastic grocery bag with every last pepper pack!

Sorry ladies he is taken. I. Love. My. Husband! He's the best.

I have been happily enjoying crushed red pepper thanks to my husband and Pizza Hut!

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  1. You are ONE lucky Woman! That is true love when your husband will take all of the red pepper flakes to make you happy! He must have a great mom!