Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Get This Blogging Started

We are just a young, newly married couple living and teaching in South Korea. We also have the cutest dog in the world, Eddie.
We are hoping that this little blog will help us keep track of our lives for the next 22ish months.
Joe, Stephanie and Eddie

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  1. Hello from Texas!!! Well it took me awhile to respond but better late than never. : )

    Work has been insanely business and you know our neighborhood, we stay just as busy.

    Let's see since you were here, we have had a Karoke party. I sang with Pam, Donna and Kathy. It was too much fun. Halloween Parade with the dogs. So flipping fun and the dogs were so cute. We are having a 5K Turkey Trot on Saturday. We have running numbers and route helpers and everything. Donna, Lou and I have been planning and organizing it. We will celebrate with Coffee and Cinnamin Rolls afterwards. Can't wait, it will be fun. I will post some pictures afterwards for you to see. That is if I can figure out how to post pictures here. : ) So thinking about Christmas, I would like to send you a care package. Is there anything special you would like or need?? Let me know. I will also be making Grandma's unbaked oatmeal cookies. Do you like those? I don't remember. Jim and Mom are doing great. Jim is golfing and playing pickleball as much as possible. Mom is working hard at volunteering. Although, she is headed out for 7 weeks. She is going to make a huge circle and visit all three of my brothers. She will start in Georgia with Ed for Christmas. Then a train to New York with Patrick for New Years and then fly to Albuquerque with Micheal for rest. : ) Keep the updates coming, love to hear how live is going there and I really love the pictures. Love Ya, Godmom